We Just Can’t Get Enough of These Birds Wearing Hats

zuse12345 via Reddit

Everyone loves cute kittens and puppies, but you know what’s also ultra-cute? Birds in hats, that’s what.

Birds make some of the absolute cutest expressions as it is, but when birds wear hats… Well, that really takes things to the next level. And we’ll prove it!

Just take a look at these goobers!

Gangsta B

zuse12345 via Reddit

Just get a load of this cute lil’ gangster bird. We’d say he’s definitely pretty fly.

Bottlecap Bird

sezar4321 via Reddit

This makeshift hat shows that you don’t have to have a lot of money to be stylish.

On the Case

zuse12345 via Reddit

Sherlock here is ready to solve whatever mysteries arise.

Conspiracy Theorist

zuse12345 via Reddit

There’s no doubt we’ll see this cute cockatiel at the Area 51 raid. The truth is out there.

Bird Marley

atbest10 via Reddit

Judge not this rasta bird before you judge yourself.


smollsadbean via Reddit

Giddyup there, pardner! This birdie’s bout to head home to the range.

Buckaroo Birdie

wods110 via Reddit

How many bird-sized gallons is that hat anyway?!

Party Bird

zuse12345 via Reddit

We’d totally invite this bird to our birdthday party!

Buccaneer Birdo

zuse12345 via Reddit

This little fella is ready to hit the high seas with that adorable paper hat.

New Hat, Who Dis?

pigeonsdoingthings via Instagram

We don’t even really know what’s going on here, but it’s freakin’ adorable.