Watch This Adorable Puppy Discover His Reflection


Mac is a super cute Labrador puppy who has just discovered his own reflection in a mirror.

He acts like he just discovered a brand-new puppy friend to play with. Watch as he paws and tries to nibble at the mirror, as if he’s trying to get to the puppy on the other side. Mac just wants to play!

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What Do Dogs Think of Their Reflections?

When a puppy first sees their image in a mirror, they don’t see it as a reflection of themselves. They instead think that it is another dog, and they will try to play or interact with it.

However, it doesn’t take long before a dog will lose interest in the mirror and start ignoring it altogether.

It is believed that they lose interest once they realize that the “other dog” in the mirror doesn’t smell like a real dog. Scent is a significant way that dogs identify other individuals, and the absence of smell suggests to the dog that the mirror image is not anything they need to worry about.