Watch as This Tiny Puppy Tries to Tackle the Stairs


This little Westie puppy is figuring out how to use the stairs, but he’s just so small. It’s like the steps are almost as tall as he is!

Watch as this adorable little fellow tries to come down those big ol’ stairs with his stubby puppy legs. I’m sure the stairs look intimidating to this puppy now, but he’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Westie Pup Tackles the Stairs

Keeping Puppies Safe With Stairs

Although most dogs do not have much of a problem with stairs, they could pose a safety issue for small puppies. They could experience injuries from slipping and falling, especially on hardwood stairs or other slick surfaces that they are unable to grip.

In order to keep your puppy safe, you might want to fix some carpeting or a non-stick surface to your steps while they learn to use the stairs. You can always remove it later. You should also install a pet gate to prevent your puppy from using the stairs while you’re not present.