Watch as this Friendly Deer Waits for a Cat to Come Play


I know that there are a lot of animals out there that like each other, but I wasn’t aware that deer and cats could be friends.

And maybe they aren’t usually, but these deer and this cat are clearly trying to hang out. Not only are the deer standing by, waiting for the cat to come outside to play, but the cat also seems to be ready to head out for playtime. At one point, she even looks like she’s asking her owner if she can go out!

Look at These Unexpected Friends Trying to Hang Out

Did You Know?

While you’re fawning over this cute video of the deer and cat trying to hang out, have you asked yourself if cats and deer really get along? The answer is yes.

Well, sort of. Obviously, not all cats and all deer get along, but these two animals don’t seem to be afraid of each other in the wild.