Tips on How to Cat-Proof Your Couch and Prevent Scratching

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I think I speak for most cat parents when I say that I love my cats, but I don’t love sacrificing my furniture to their claws.

Of course, scratching is a normal and healthy activity for all cats. It’s important to remember that they’re just doing what nature tells them to do. It’s certainly not personal!

Even still, you don’t have to let Fluffy give your couch a redesign if you don’t want to.

If you’ve got a couch that you love — and you’d love to keep — here are some tips on preventing your cat from shredding your furniture.

Scratching Posts and Other Scratching Alternatives

Scratching posts come in plenty of sizes and shapes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one your cat enjoys. Try to find one that is tall enough for your cat to stretch all the way out. To really entice your cat to use it, sprinkle it with some catnip!

All cats are different, and some might prefer other textures besides the rope that is traditionally used for scratching posts. Try other alternatives, like corrugated cardboard, carpet, or sisal.

Use Citrus-Based Fresheners and Cleaners

Cats aren’t exactly thrilled about citrus. After all, their sense of smell is much stronger than ours, so it’s that much stronger to them. Even though they don’t like it, it’s safe and non-toxic to our feline friends, so spray away! If your cat dislikes citrus as much as mine, it’ll help keep them away from your couch.

Make it Unappealing

If your cat likes to scratch a particular spot on the couch, try to discourage it by making it undesirable. Try covering the area with double sided tape, sandpaper, or clear plastic.

Regular Nail Trims

A good ol’ nail trim might just do the trick. Among other reasons, cats scratch to help remove the frayed, worn outer layer of their claws. By giving Fluffy a manicure, you’re just helping the process along without involving the couch.

It’s best if you start clipping their nails while they’re still young, so they can get used to it. Just make sure you’re only trimming the white part of the nail — the pink should NEVER be cut.

Apply Nail Caps

If you just can’t convince your kitty to stop shredding the furniture, you might want to consider applying nail caps. These tiny plastic caps cover your cat’s claws, so they won’t be able to tear into your couch anymore. Plus, they come in plenty of fun colors!

They’re relatively easy to apply, but you can always go to the vet if you need assistance.

Pet Pheromone Products

As a last resort, you can try pet pheromone products. You can find pheromone spray that will deter cats. They contain aggressive pheromones that cats can detect, but are odorless to us humans.

Some companies also make pheromone cat scratch attractants. Apply these to a scratching post in an effort to redirect your kitty.