This Tiny Kitten With a Big Name is Today’s Daily Dose of Cute

I want to introduce you to this handsome little fella with a very distinguished (and long!) name: Captain Robert Charles Goodweather. He may be tiny today, but he’ll hopefully grow into that big name later.

A Very Good Boy

Robert the cute kitten

He may not be a puppy, but he’s still a very good boy. Can’t you tell by that sweet little face?

Well, okay, sometimes he gets busy attacking feet, trying to climb up his humans’ legs with his claws, or trying to wake people up to play. But he’s just a tiny kitten, and no one can stay mad at that face!

A Man of Many Names

this adorable kitten is the daily dose of cute

Thanks to his long name and his long, grey fur, he’s got an endless supply of nicknames: Bobby, Bobert, Lint Ball, Fluff-n-Stuff, and (of course) The Captain.