This Security Camera Spotted Something Really Adorable


The internet has fallen in love with Sasha the German Shepherd from West Germany after some home security camera footage made it’s way online.

Sasha’s owner, Joe Corsi has a security camera at home that picked up motion inside the home one day. Corsi was checking the live feed from his camera to see what was going on when he got an adorable close-up of Sasha’s curious face!

Sasha has become quite popular since this video was posted, both on her own Instagram and on Rumble. The video that her owner posted on Facebook has also been shared over 56,000 times.

Watch the Camera Discover Sasha’s Curious Face Up-Close

Did You Know?

German Shepherds are known for their obedience, courage, alertness, loyalty, and guarding instincts, and they are also smart and easy to train.

The combination of these traits with the dog’s strength is what makes them such excellent guard dogs, and why they are desirable as police dogs, and search and rescue dogs.