This Marshmallow of a Cat is Today’s Daily Dose of Cute

I have a real soft spot for soft, fluffy kitties, and today’s daily dose of cute is exactly that.

Introducing David Bowie

katsweet via Instagram

No, not that David Bowie. This David Bowie looks an awful lot like Tubbs from the game Neko Atsume, am I right?

Look at the Floof

katsweet via Instagram

Also worth mentioning, this David Bowie is a she instead of a he. But the real special thing (and the reason for her name!) is that this sweet fluffball has a striking condition called heterochromia iridis, meaning she’s got two different colored eyes.

katsweet via Instagram

If you look close enough, you can actually see that one eye has both green and blue in the same eye!

All Dressed Up

katsweet via Instagram

She looks fancy now, but she was originally a shelter cat, who was then abandoned again by her owner. But don’t worry about Bowie now. She’s living the good life full of catnip, shredded cheese, and canned cat food.

She Even Owns Fancy Sweaters

katsweet via Instagram

Dressed in her winter best.


katsweet via Instagram

What an adorable babe!

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