Games aren’t just for humans, anymore. This kitten shows that she is an avid gamer as she plays this iPad game. She is really focused!

Did you ever imagine that you would be sharing your iPad with a cat? Considering that cats basically rule the internet, I guess it shouldn’t seem that far-fetched.

Technology is For Kittens, Too!

There’s an App For That

In case you were wondering, there are definitely apps out there that have been developed specifically for your feline friend. They will have tons of fun using their natural instinct to chase small things, and you’ll have tons of fun watching them pad around at the touchscreen.

If you search your app store for “games for cats,” you’ll find all kinds of games aimed at your furry companion, featuring dancing laser dots, digital mice, and fish. Bonus points for not having to worry about stepping on cat toys scattered all over the floor later!