This Fearless Feline Loves to Swim in the Ocean


They say that cats hate water, and that might be mostly true. But I have found a little kitten that is certainly an exception to the rule!

This tiny, adorable kitten named Gracie lives on an island and loves to go swimming with her owner. I had never imagined that a swimming kitten could be so cute.

This Kitten Loves to Swim in the Ocean

Did You Know? 

The truth is that cats don’t actually hate water – it is more of a ‘love-hate’ than a ‘hate-hate’.  While some cats truly DO hate water, there are others that absolutely love it!  Some breeds are even known to enjoy going for a swim every now and then.

Have you ever noticed that cats don’t drink as much water as dogs do?  Cats just aren’t as thirsty as some other animals, since they evolved to not need as much.  They also have another evolutionary advantage – they can survive on seawater!