Cats love boxes, and that is a fact! If you put a box down, you’ll inevitably attract your kitty in no time.

In this video, there is an extremely cute kitten named Taco Cat who has found himself a box. Taco Cat is clearly a firm believer in “finders keepers,” as you can see when Jackson the cat approaches the box, as well.

Taco Cat leaps into action and pounces on Jackson, and then sits in the box and watches as Jackson walks away. Purr-haps Jackson knows it’s just not worth the fight.

Watch This Kitten Claim His Cardboard Box

Why Do Cat Love Boxes?

Much like their love of bags, laundry baskets, or suitcases, cats are drawn to boxes. It is because of an instinctual behavior to seek out confined spaces. In the wild, confined spaces allow cats to both hide from predators and stalk prey without being seen.

Inside a box, or other enclosed object, cats feel like they can’t be snuck up on from behind or from the side. Anyone that approaches comes directly into their field of vision.