This Adorable Dog is Napping Like a Person


Dogs sure are funny creatures. They always have such big personalities, much like all the different people we meet in our lives.

This dog is particularly hilarious, as you can tell from this video captured during his nap time. I can’t even explain just why it’s so funny when dogs sleep on their backs like people, but it sure is.

This little guy is so tuckered out that he doesn’t even move a muscle during his nap. He’s just sprawled out and snoozing away!

Check Out This Pup Sleeping Like a Human

Did You Know?

Dogs are usually pretty good at sleeping. They can certainly get comfortable and doze off in any number of places and positions, at any time of day. But every dog is different and each requires a different amount of rest.

Most of the time, larger dogs need more sleep per day than smaller dogs do. Also, puppies and older dogs usually spend more time sleeping than dogs in that middle age.