These Dog Breeds Are Perfect Companions For Kids

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Have your kids started begging for a dog yet?

If you’re considering getting a new four-legged family member, you might want to consider looking at the specific breeds that make the best family pets. Not all breeds are a good fit for a household that includes children. All dogs have different temperaments, interests, and characteristics that you should keep in mind before you decide to adopt.

So before you bring home a new dog to meet your kids, check out these dog breeds that will be more than happy to shower your kids with love!

Labrador Retrievers

labrador retriever
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Labs are America’s most popular dog breed, and for plenty of good reasons. They’re famously friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited dogs that are ready and willing to give your kids plenty of affection. Plus, they want nothing more than to play fetch all day long or go for a swim.

Great Pyrenees

great pyranees
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These majestic beauties are “gentle giants” that will be a great fit for families that are able to devote a lot of time to them. They are like guardians who want to protect the family and the home, so being with the “flock” is important to them. Despite their size, though, they don’t really require a ton of exercise.


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While this breed has a lot of negative stereotypes floating around about how aggressive they are, they’re actually quite the opposite. If Rots are well taken care of and trained, they are actually very gentle and protective of their families. This dog will be calm and more than willing to plop down on your lap to soak up the cuddles. Expect these muscular and athletic dogs to run, play, and swim with the kids!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel
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These elegant pups were bred to be the quintessential lap dog, and they are very devoted. They also get along great with kids. While calm, they still retain the athleticism of a sporting spaniel, which means they’re also more than happy to run around and play with kids in the backyard. Besides, kids will love petting and brushing their long, soft hair.


english bulldog relaxing blanket couch
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These cute medium-sized dogs are a pretty low-energy and low-maintenance choice for your family. Besides that, they are devoted with a sweet and easygoing temperament, making them more than happy to cuddle with the family on the couch and take in all the love that kids will give them. Just make sure that you watch their food intake and take them for regular walks since they can be prone to getting overweight.