These Are the Smartest Cat Breeds


Sure, cats have gained a reputation for being aloof and lazy, but there’s one thing that all cat owners know: most felines are pretty smart.

They’re great at figuring things out for themselves, making a toy out of anything (tin foil balls, anyone?), and exploring. Being able to entertain themselves is a true mark of intelligence.

However, there are some cat breeds that are extra intelligent. But be careful — when these big-brained cats get bored, that intelligence turns into mischief!

If you’re looking for a clever kitty, here are some of the smartest cat breeds.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cat

This breed is known for its exotic coat that makes it look like its wild ancestors. However, they’re also incredibly intelligent. Bengal cats are able to learn tricks, and they enjoy mental challenges like puzzle games.

Be careful if you don’t give them enough mental stimulation. They have very nimble paws, and they’ll use them to get into your drawers and make a mess, pull all your pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets, turn off light switches, or play with your electronics.

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cat

This breed is very confident in themselves and often have that air of superiority about them. Perhaps it’s because they know they resemble the ancient cats of Egypt.

They’re smart enough that they can learn to open doors, and they’ll use their excellent memory to remember where you hide their toys and treats. Abyssinians also enjoy playing fetch, and are very athletic.

Siamese Cats

Siamese cat
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As someone who’s had a couple of Siamese cats over the years, I can personally attest to this breed’s intelligence.

Siamese cats are often portrayed as sassy and mischievous — surely you’ve seen Disney’s Lady and the Tramp — and they certainly are. They are very inquisitive, talkative, and social. Just make sure you give them plenty of stimulation. Because they are smart, they get bored easily, and that’s when the mischief starts!

Burmese Cats

burmese cat

Burmese likely inherited their intelligence from their Siamese ancestors. They love to learn new tricks, and are always happy to show off. Try teaching them to fetch, roll over, sit, and even walk on a leash!

Known to be highly sociable, they love human interaction so much that they’ve been described as having a dog-like personality. They also get chatty, they’re just not usually as loud as a Siamese.

Cornish Rex Cats

Cornish Rex cat
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This unique breed tends to have an acrobatic, clownish personality. Considered intense by some, they love to be close to people, and they can get vocal, demanding, and insistent.

Many people liken the Cornish Rex to a dog because they like to play fetch, they’re uniquely curious, and they’re also adaptable to new surroundings. These qualities are, of course, due to their very intelligent nature.