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Cats may be the unofficial mascots of the internet, but man’s best friend is definitely staking claim.

There are some seriously adorable — and hilarious — doggos out there that are taking the internet by storm with their own personal Instagram accounts.

Looking to brighten up your Insta feed? Here are some of the best internet-famous pups out there right now that are definitely worth a follow.


The infamous Tuna, a Chiweenie from Cali, has amassed a whopping 2.1 million followers since hitting social media a few years back. I’m willing to bet his popularity can be attributed to his adorably endearing overbite and knack for dressing up.

Lady Shortcake

Shortcake was rescued a few years back, and is now enjoying that SoCal life. Life is good for this pup, and she never stops smiling!

Doug the Pug


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β€œIf I started a band, what would I name it?” -Doug

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Some dogs are friends with the kid next door or the mailman. Doug the pug is friends with the likes of Justin Bieber and John Legend. You could say he’s a big deal.

Django and Chloe


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And here we go ✈️

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These two pupper pals are true travel aficionados. Always on the move, these dogs probably have more passport stamps than most humans. Follow these doggy travelers to see where they wind up next!

Jackson the Dalmation

This dapper doggy is a self-proclaimed lover of bow ties and blueberries. If there was a dog GQ, I’m sure Jackson would subscribe.

Maya the Samoyed

Maya isn’t a polar bear, she’s actually a fluffy Samoyed. I know you’re probably shocked. But she’s got 1.9 million Instagram followers who love to see her nom on snacks, frolic in water fountains, and balance treats on her head like a pro.

Mensweardog, aka Bodhi

Mensweardog, also known as Bodhi, is the most stylish dog in the world. This corgi seriously knows how to rock fashion and put together an ensemble.

Finn the Sprocker Spaniel

Finn has the best hair that I’ve ever seen — on dogs or humans. And no, that isn’t a wig!