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Thanks to countless memes all over the internet, we’ve developed our own set of slang that refers to our pets and their activities. And let me tell you, some of these words are hilarious.

In an effort to help you determine the difference between a pupper and a woofer, or a blep and a mlem, here’s a list of some funniest slang to use when talking about your pet.


A blep is one part derp, one part cute, and a whole lot of tongue. This is when your pet sticks their tongue out, but only for a quick second.


This is that third stage of barking. It’s a lower, deeper bark that dogs sometimes do when they know they’ll get yelled at for being loud. They sometimes don’t even open their mouths to do it. If you’re a dog owner, you know exactly what I mean.


When you can’t help but tap your pet’s cute nose, that’s a boop. Easy enough. You can boop a dog, a cat, or basically any animal–or person–with a nose.


Dogs and puppies bark, but doggos and puppers bork. Any questions?


A chonk, or sometimes a chonker, is a very chubby cat. Although less common, a chonk can also be an overweight dog.


This is the silly expression of cluelessness, confusion, or awkwardness. It may or may not involve their tongue hanging out.


Every dog is a doggo, no matter what. It’s kind of just a cuter way of saying “dog.” And, other animals can be doggos, too. For example, seals are water doggos.


A floof is an extra fluffy pet. They have enough fur to make them look at least three times bigger, and it begs for you to bury your face in it!


This is when your pet sticks their tongue in and out a bunch, and quickly. Like a cat lapping up water.


Pupper is just a better word for “puppy,” but can also be used to describe extra-adorable full-grown doggos, too.


This is a descriptive word for pets that are just so tiny and cute that “small” doesn’t cut it. These extra adorable pets are in a mini class all their own.


Technically, the dictionary says that a snoot is a snout or nose, but it is most definitely the best word to describe a dog’s nose.


A sploot is when a pet lays on their stomach and stretches their back legs out behind them instead of tucking them under. It’s typically done by corgis, but plenty of other dogs (and some cats!) do it, too.

Toe Beans

These are those adorable little pads on the bottom of your cat’s paws. I know they’re just begging to be squeezed, but be cautious of the claws!


A woofer is a really big, burly doggo. The kind that kids can ride like a pony.


If your pet is super speedy, they likely have a case of the zoomies. It’s when your cat or dog gets that burst of energy that sends them running at super speed, sometimes in circles. If you have a cat, they usually get the zoomies when you’re trying to sleep.