The Differences Between Dog and Cat People

A lot of folks think pet owners can be easily divided into dog people and cat people. While some people love both, there are plenty of people who do, indeed, have a preference. Some dog people tolerate cats, and some cat people are fine with dogs.

However, there are some folks who are strictly dog or cat people, and sometimes these feelings can be quite intense.

Cats are incredibly popular, but research shows there are a lot more dog people out there than there are cat people. Here are a few differences that have been found between the two different types of folks.

Social Temperament & Affability

Dog people are more likely to be extroverts. They are reportedly much friendlier and more outgoing compared to cat people. Cat people often have a greater preference for being alone. Additionally, dog people tend to possess greater confidence as well as a more dominant nature when compared to cat people.


Cat people reportedly possess greater intelligence than most dog people. They, of course, like reminding the world of this little factoid. Many of them also seem to believe cats are of superior intelligence to dogs as well.


Cat people allegedly possess more neuroses compared to dog people. According to research, cat people are more likely to suffer from neurotic disorders and anxiety than dog people. It’s possible that it’s because cats do not offer the constant reassurance that dogs typically do.


Cat people purportedly possess greater open-mindedness compared to dog people. Generally speaking, cat people score higher than dog people in terms of having beliefs that are unconventional and adventurousness. They are often more creative and imaginative. Dog people, conversely, are more gullible and easily led.


According to some research, cat people possess greater sensitivity when compared to dog people. People may, at times, consider sensitivity to be a negative attribute; however, this is not necessarily true.


Research suggests that dog people possess greater masculinity compared to cat people. It has often been observed that dogs resemble males and cats resemble females. Making allowances for exceptions, both female, as well as male dog owners, considers themselves more masculine than their cat-owning counterparts.


Dog people tend to be more tolerant of cats than cat people are of dogs. There are, of course, people who identify as neither a cat person nor dog people. Some studies claim that folks who love both animals tend to have personalities most similar to dog people.

Objects of Desire

Dog people, it seems, seek companionship whereas cat people seek affection. Dog people want a friend in their pets, a buddy who will constantly be by their sides. Cat people, on the other hand, prefer pets that purr.

Belief in a deity

According to some studies, cat people are more likely to be atheists than dog people.


Cat people are reportedly more independent than their dog-owning counterparts.