Sure Signs That Your Cat Is Happy


Any cat owner will tell you that all they want is for their cat to be happy.

But, how can you tell? After all, they can’t tell us with words, and they can’t exactly flash us a happy grin.

As it turns out, cats have their own ways of telling us how happy they are. Some, like purring, might seem obvious. However, there are plenty of other ways that your kitty is trying to tell you how happy they are.

Warm Welcomes and Greetings

Whether it’s when you get up in the morning, or when you come home from a day at the office — if your cat is happy to see you, you’re doing it right.

Cats express their feelings physically. If you’ve been away for any length of time, a happy cat will greet you with a straight, upright tail and erect ears. They’ll also rub their ears, face, and body all over you. Just watch that you don’t trip over your feline friend as they rub all around your legs!

Confident Kitty

Being confident in their surroundings is a great sign that a cat is happy. A confident kitty will hold its head up, have a good, healthy appetite, and take an interest in the environment around it. Confident kitties will also show signs of being relaxed and content, like having ears facing forward, and relaxed whiskers.

Playful Behavior

Happy kitties certainly love to play! Even though cats play less as they get older, happy cats still have a sense of fun and will still enjoy interacting in a playful way.

Being Vocal

While purring is obviously a very good indicator that a cat is happy, being vocal is also generally a good sign. Your cat might make noises to request a cuddle or a scratch behind the ear, or they might just make a little chatter in response to you talking to them.

Whatever your cat is being vocal about, the more high pitched the sounds are, the better. Often, lower pitched meows indicate frustration or wanting something.

Making Biscuits

If your cat curls up in your lap for a cuddle or a nap, that’s an obvious sign that they’re content. However, if your cat is also kneading you with their paws — affectionately called “making biscuits” — this is a great sign that your cat is happy.

It goes back to when they were a kitten, when they did this action on their mother to encourage the milk. It’s a big sign of contentment, comfort, pleasure, and trust.