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So much Fluff! This super chonky and extra fluffy kitty is so adorable. Her name is Daisy, and she’s a Ragdoll cat.

That’s not the best part, though.

Apparently, Daisy can’t quite make it on to the counter today. She bobs up and down as she tries to calculate the leap, but she just falls a little short. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but look at her!

Watch Daisy Try to Scale the Counter

According to Daisy’s owner, this super chonk isn’t all fat–some of it is definitely her fluffy coat. She assures Daisy’s IG fans that her vet has said that she’s in good health, although she did say that Daisy is on a diet!

Being Obese Can Effect a Cat’s Health

While chunky cats tend to be really cute, being overweight or obese can have adverse effects on their health. It can put kitties at greater risk of disease, decrease their immune function, potentially increase their risk of cancer, and generally shorten their lives.

If you think your cat might be unhealthily overweight, you might want to try switching to a special diet cat food.