Pet Census Finds Pet Owners Cancel Plans to Hang With Dogs, Cats Instead

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If you’ve ever canceled plans to stay home with your dog, you’re not alone.

As it turns out, there are plenty of dog owners out there doing the same exact thing. After all, who needs a social life when you’ve got man’s best friend, right?

The 2020 Pet Census Reveals People Cancel Plans to Hang With Pets

A 2020 Pet Census showed that 72 percent of dog owners said they have indeed canceled plans so they could spend more time with their canine buddies instead.

It wasn’t just limited to dogs, either. 32 percent of cat owners also said that they have canceled plans to spend more time with their feline friends.

The census was conducted by a pet genetics company called Wisdom Health Genetics — the same one that makes Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests. In it, they surveyed more than 13,000 pet owners, accounting for approximately 25,000 dogs and 6,000 cats.

The survey found what many of us pet owners already know: pets are extremely important parts of people’s lives.

Pets Are Pretty Important to Their Owners

Aside from dipping on social engagements to spend more time with our pets, people also admitted that their pets are more than just pets to them. 64 percent of pet owners surveyed view their dog or cat as a child or family member. Many of them even admitted to letting their dog or cat sleep in the bed with them.

“The Pet Census results reveal that pet parents across the U.S. increasingly think of their animals as family,” said Audrey Yoo, general manager at Wisdom Health Genetics. “The bond we share with our dogs and cats rank among our most important relationships.”

That’s probably why we’re canceling plans with human friends to hang out with our furry friends instead.

On top of that, the surveyed pet owners admitted to their cats and dogs being the focus of social media posts. More than 50 percent of respondents said they post about their pets “at least a few times a month.”

17 percent of the respondents have actually created separate social media accounts specifically for their pets.

The survey also proves what experts have been saying for a long time now: that pets are helping their owners’ mental health. The Pet Census found that 99 percent of dog owners and 96 percent of cat owners said they believe their pets have had a positive impact on their mental health.

But perhaps the best information found by the survey? People are increasingly more likely to adopt pets, rather than purchasing from breeders.

Dog adoptions reportedly increased by more than 16 percent since 2010, according to the press release. This year’s survey showed 63 percent of dog owners and 51 percent of cat owners said they had adopted their pets.