Oh, Snap! Adorable Whippet Dogs Will Have You Seeing Double

@_wand_wand via Instagram

Oh, snap! See what I did there?

The Whippet, also known as a snap dog, is a lean, medium-sized dog breed that originated in England, and strongly resembles a smaller version of the Greyhounds that they descended from.

Quite the Pair

daily cute whippet dogs
@_wand_wand via Instagram

I came across this pair of white whippets, and they are so adorable that they had me doing a double-take.

cute whippet dogs
@_wand_wand via Instagram

These dogs are named Yōji Miyagi and Viktor, and they currently reside in Berlin, Germany.

@_wand_wand via Instagram

As far as I know, these dogs aren’t really twins, but they sure look like it, don’t they?

Twice the Cute

whippet snap dogs cute
@_wand_wand via Instagram

Snap dogs hate cold weather because they’re a little… lacking in the fat required to generate a lot of body heat. So I’m willing to bet that Yōji Miyagi and Viktor wear a lot of really cute doggy sweaters and coats over there for German winters.