Max the Moluccan Cockatoo and His Chicken Impression


Cockatoo or chicken? Well, it doesn’t look like a chicken but it sure does sound like one. Let’s call it a “cluck-atoo.”

Max the Moluccan cockatoo, which is also known as a salmon-crested cockatoo (for obvious reasons), will make anyone do a double take when he starts clucking.

You’re going to find it pretty hard not to laugh when you see this cockatoo doing his best impression of a chicken!

This Hilarious Cockatoo Sounds Like a Chicken

Cockatoos and Their Expected Lifespan

The Moluccan cockatoo in the video, Max, is 25 years old, but he is just getting started. These birds can live upwards of 80 to 100 years, definitely making them life-long companion animals.

In order to maximize a cockatoo’s lifespan, bird keepers should provide high-quality bird food, including a variety of fruits and veggies. These birds also need plenty of socialization, toys to keep them stimulated, and lots of room to exercise every day.