How to Boost Your Dog’s Nutrition and Quality of Life


Just like humans, our canine companions need to have their nutritional needs met in order to stay healthy. When dogs do not receive the proper amount of key vitamins and nutrients, they will get sick.

Living With Nutritional Imbalances is Hurting Our Dogs

Slowly, over the course of many years, a lack of those important nutrients will cause health problems such as a lack of energy, achy joints, a visibly duller coat, itchy skin, smelly breath, hair loss, and even increased allergies. In more extreme cases, dogs living with nutritional imbalances can develop pancreatitis, kidney disease, loss of mobility, and even congestive heart failure.

Lack of critical nutrients has led to an increase in these health issues and chronic, degenerative diseases in our dogs, including an alarming increase in cancer rates. According to recent studies, nearly half of all dogs over the age of 10 will deal with some form of cancer.

So Where is This Imbalance Coming From?

This imbalance is, unfortunately, coming from the food that us pet owners are feeding our dogs. Most people believe that they are feeding their dog’s good food that is full of fresh ingredients that are pictured on the packaging.

But what they don’t know is that a lot of commercial pet foods lack essential ingredients that your dog needs for a long, healthy life. Commercial dog food is highly processed, and often grain-based. It’s also required to be shelf-stable for 2 to 3 years, which creates a nutritional problem in two different ways.

Why Dry, Shelf-Stable Kibble is Lacking Nutrition

First, it requires that the food be cooked at extremely high temperatures, which can cause a loss of some nutrients. And secondly, nutrients in food start to break down over time, so if your dog food was sitting on a shelf for 3 years before you purchased it, it’s probably lost a lot of the nutritional value that it started with.

With these processed foods designed to last on shelves for so long, our dogs just aren’t getting the nutrients that we think they are. Clever marketing from the highly profitable and unregulated pet food industry has done well to convince us that this cheap, dried kibble is a suitable diet for our pets.

So What Can Dog Parents Do to Solve the Problem?

To help fill the void that your dog’s food is leaving, you should be feeding your canine companion high-quality, canine-specific vitamins. PetJoy is an amazing company that has created both multi-vitamin supplements and hip + joint care supplements that can help boost your dog’s health and make sure that they’re getting the vitamins and nutrients that they deserve.

These supplements are actually soft chews made from food-grade, non-toxic ingredients that your dog will think is a delicious treat. The all-natural formula is made from the highest quality ingredients made right here in the USA.

Veterinarian Recommended Soft Chews From PetJoy

If you are concerned about your dog’s overall health and nutrition, check out the veterinarian recommended Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews from PetJoy. It will help improve your pup’s health, and they’ll think it tastes great.

Or, if you specifically want to help restore movement by relieving hip and joint pain, check out PetJoy’s Hip + Joint Care Soft Chews.