Girl and Dog Best Friend are Too Cozy to Get Out of Bed


There’s something amazing about the bond between a kid and their dog. They will easily become the best of friends as they grow up and spend plenty of time together.

This is clearly the case with this pair! These best friends are snuggled up together and catching some ZZZs when the girl’s mom tries to wake her up for gymnastics class. They are so cozy and comfortable together, that they just can’t get out of bed!

This Girl and Her Dog Are Super Cozy

Why Every Kid Should Have a Dog

Aside from providing constant companionship and comfort through the ups and downs of childhood, a family dog can provide a few other benefits to children, as well.

Dogs can help teach our kids about responsibility, empathy, and compassion by caring for their pet. Caring for their canine friend will also encourage a more active lifestyle, as kids with dogs exercise as they take dogs on daily walks and play with them.

On top of that, some studies have shown that babies who are raised in close contact with a pet get sick less often during their first year of life, they develop stronger immune systems as they grow, and they also experience a reduced risk of allergies.