Giant Great Dane Is Excited to Help Carry Groceries


Mikey is a majestic Great Dane who seems very eager to help his dog parents out around the house. When it comes to carrying groceries in the house from the car, he seems more than enthusiastic to join as he races out of the front door and hops right up into the vehicle.

I’m willing to bet that Mikey here is smart enough to know that all the good treats come from those grocery bags!

Great Dane Is So Excited to Help With the Groceries

Working Dog Classification

Great Danes are classified as “working dogs” by the American Kennel Club. Dog breeds in this group are considered to be strong and intelligent large dogs that were originally bred to perform a task or job.

These dogs do best when they are trained and given something meaningful to do besides wandering the yard or lounging around the house. Train your dog to perform helpful tasks or encourage them to exercise their hunting instinct with a “hide and seek” game using treats or an old teddy bear.