Dog Reunited With Owner a Year After Going Missing in Another State

Kate Olson via Facebook

One very lucky dog has made his way back home to New Hampshire, after going missing in Missouri a year ago.

Kate Olson, a New Hampshire resident, made the trip to visit her family in Missouri last Thanksgiving. She brought along her golden retriever, Walter. I mean, pets are part of the family, right?

Walter Slipped Out of His Collar and Took Off

While visiting family in Arnold, MO, Walter slipped out of his collar. The anxious pup took off.

Desperate to find her canine companion, Olson stayed in the area for weeks. She printed fliers and retraced her steps, in hopes of finding her beloved dog.

She even created a “Where’s Walter?” Facebook page in an effort to broaden her search. She reached out to several animal rescue groups in the area to help her track down the 3-year-old dog.

Eventually, Olson had to go back home to New Hampshire. In the months that passed, she got a few calls of sightings and held out hope. She flew back to the area in January to continue her search.

“I just want to know if he’s okay. I want him to know that I’m not giving up on him,” Olson told a local St. Louis-area news station at the time. “I’ll never give up on him.”

Nearly one year later, and Olson started to think she might never see Walter again. That is, until she got the call she had been holding out hope for.

Walter had been found.

Lost Paws Trapping of Belleville, Illinois called to say that they had captured a golden retriever that they identified as Walter.

Walter Found Behind an Industrial Park Nearly a Year Later

The pup was found behind an industrial park in Arnold, Missouri. The rescue believes that Walter had been living here ever since running off from his owner. He was captured on November 13 (talk about a lucky Friday the 13th!).

Olson hopped on the next flight and was reunited with her beloved pup that very night.

“They are my heroes,” Olson said of Lost Paws Trapping.

Walter was given two baths and special treatment by K-9 Grooming in Missouri — and now he’s back to his regular, lovable self.

“He has been such a little love,” Olson told the local news. “He is the same sweet boy he was before, and maybe even sweeter because he has missed getting loved on!”

Walter has a vet appointment back home to ensure he’s got a clean bill of health.