Dog Breeds You Should Avoid if You Have Children, Part II

This is a continuation of Dog Breeds You Should Avoid if You Have Children, Part 1.  If you think some of these common dog breeds are an excellent fit, you might be surprised.

10. English Toy Spaniel


English Toy Spaniels may get along well enough with older kids, but think again before letting them into a home with younger children.  These dogs need to be handled properly, or else they might react in ways that could cause harm, such as biting.

They do not tolerate rough play, and it isn’t a good idea, in general, to have a toy breed in a home with small children.

9. Akita


Although an Akita might do well enough with children in their immediate family, they don’t always get along with outsider children.  They are also known for becoming very destructive when bored, and do not respond well to being teased and might bite as a result.

8. Pekingese


This breed is known for having “small dog syndrome”, which means they feel like they’re the leader of their pack.  They think they’re a great deal bigger than they actually are!  This can lead to them being especially aggressive towards children, and they may react very badly if a child tries to tug at their fur, ears or tail.

7. Afghan Hound


It isn’t that this dog is terribly aggressive – but they ARE large, and don’t enjoy roughhousing at all.  They are known for being very reserved and kind of catlike, and enjoy being left alone.  If they aren’t properly trained from a young age, they can easily become stubborn and disobedient.

They also don’t always consider their size, so small children are likely to become knocked over or injured by accident.

6. French Bulldog


This breed is simply adorable and known for being especially playful and silly – but these clowns cannot be allowed to feel like they’re in charge.  This can lead to them becoming very stubborn, aggressive and prone to snapping when children are around.

They need a great deal of attention, so it is best to wait until your children are older before inviting one of these delightful little pups into your home.

5. Jack Russell Terrier


Although this is a playful and feisty breed, they are known for not doing well with children.  It doesn’t take much to irritate them, and they are known for being very difficult to train – even for an adult.  They are also very territorial, which is never a good mix for a household with children.

4. Doberman Pinscher


The good news is that this breed is an excellent guard dog and is highly intelligent.  The bad news is that they need a strong authority figure in their life, and children aren’t exactly good representatives of that.  These dogs are very willful and can be difficult to manage if they aren’t properly trained.

They can also become aggressive when defending their territory, even towards children if they aren’t familiar with them.

3. Chow Chow


Even though they resemble giant teddy bears, they are actually quite powerful and can be strongly territorial.  They don’t do all that well around children, strangers or other pets in general.  They also have demanding physical needs and need to be trained to handle social situations from a young age thanks to their tendency to be wary of new situations and strangers.

2. Shih Tzu


There is a good reason that many shih tzu breeders refuse to sell puppies to families with children.  These dogs are simply not a good fit.  They can become extremely territorial and have a need to be in charge.  They do much better with adults and older children in general.

1. Greyhound


Truth be known, this breed makes for an excellent household pet if they are properly socialized from a young age.  They are best left for families who do not have young children.  They generally do not get along with children because they do not enjoy rough play, and they also have a very strong prey drive.

A dog known for running fast with a strong prey drive is obviously not a good mix if a child is involved.