Creating an Indoor Cat Garden for Your Feline Friends


Keeping your cat indoors is the best way to ensure their safety.

I know it’s tempting to let them go roam the great outdoors. After all, they’re desperate to get outside and stalk birds, explore, or just chew on some grass. However, it’s a myth that going outside is a requirement to keep your feline friend happy.

One great way to keep your cat healthy and happy indoors is to give them their very own cat garden, filled with green treats specifically for them.

Bring the Outdoors Inside With a Cat Garden

Not only do cats love plants, but cat-safe greens are also good for their diet. Just basic grass contains folic acid, which supports your kitty’s growth and helps increase oxygen levels in their blood. On top of that, grass could also help settle an upset stomach and help provide natural laxative benefits.

Cat grass is an obvious choice for your feline friend. It’s actually a mix of grasses: oat grass, wheat grass, rye grass, barley grass, and orchard grass. Your cat will love to gnaw on it, so make sure its inside of a pot or container that won’t break if your cat accidentally knocks it over.

Other plants, like catnip, valerian, lemongrass, and even rosemary will likely attract and delight your kitty, too.

Cat-Friendly Houseplants

Did you know that there are some common houseplants that cats also love to much and play with?

While there are many houseplants that are safe to have around our pets, there are two pretty popular houseplants that I know your cat will love.

The parlor palm is a really popular houseplant thanks to it’s resilience to indoor conditions, but it is also really popular with my cat. In fact, I had to buy another one in an effort to keep him from decimating the first one.

Cats also love spider plants. They’ll chew on it, but they also love to play with its wiry foliage. They say not to play with your food, but in this case, it’s okay to let your feline bend the rules. This plant will provide plenty of great entertainment.

Avoid These Houseplants

Not all houseplants are safe for our cats, though.

Some common houseplants and flowers, like lilies, aloe, begonia, poinsettia, and philodendron can be toxic to our kitties. It’s best to keep these out of your home. If you’re thinking about adding plants indoors (especially if it’s for a cat garden!), it’s always best to check if its toxic to cats before bringing it into your house.

Here is a great list of toxic houseplants to avoid if you have pets. Other sources, like the Pet Poison Helpline and the ASPCA toxic and non-toxic plants list are good places to look for more information.