If you’ve owned cats long enough you probably think you know all there is to know about these silly little beasts, but you might be really surprised by some of these crazy cat facts that we took the time to compile.

From the oldest breed of cat to why they rub their cheeks on you, to the size of the largest cat litter known to mankind – we’ve got them all.

20.  Kitty Nose Prints

Much like human fingerprints, each cat’s nose has its own unique pattern that they could be identified with if such a system were put in place.  Just imagine how cute all of the records would look!

19.  Why They Cover Their Poo

Believe it or not, they do this in subservience to you.  Hard to believe considering cats usually think that they’re the true rulers of the universe.  In the wild they do this to hide their presence from would-be attackers.

The fact that they do this at home also means they might slightly fear that you’d attack them if they dared to leave their waste uncovered.

18.  Sweaty Paws

Did you know that cats can sweat?  They don’t become drenched in sweat like we humans do, nooo…  they’re far better than that.  Instead, they sweat through their paws so it is easily distributed onto the ground as they prance about.

17.  The Oldest Breed of Cat

Believe it or not, the oldest cat breed hails all the way from Egypt!  The Egyptian Mau takes first place, with “Mau” simply meaning “Cat” in the Egyptian tongue.

16.  Largest Litter of Mini Mews

The average size of a litter of cats is about four to six kittens, with the largest ever recorded litter of kittens coming in at a whopping 19 on August 7, 1970!  Just imagine how that poor mother cat looked and felt.

Unfortunately, 4 of those 19 arrived stillborn.

15.  Possessive Lil’ Purrs

If your cat takes the time to rub their cheeks on you, it means they really love you a whole lot!  This is a big sign of affection for cats, and they also do this to claim you as their very own.

You know, from would-be passersby cats, or any other cats in the household that they’d rather not share you with.  Aw!

14.  Bad Rep for Black Cats

I’m sure you’ve heard that black cats are bad luck, and how unlucky it is if one happens to cross your path.  Thankfully, not everyone believes this.  In some countries such as Japan and England, they’re considered good luck instead!  I choose to side with them.

13.  No Sense in Sweets

You might think you’re doing kitty a favor by slipping them a sweet treat every now and then, but the truth is that they can’t even taste the sweetness.

Their taste buds just aren’t built that way considering that they’re meat eaters – and we all know that cats don’t exactly have the best teeth to start out with.  Not being able to taste sugar is probably a good thing!

12.  Water Critics

Even though they can’t taste sweets, they CAN distinguish different flavors found in water!  If you’ve ever noticed that your cat seems to be especially finicky when drinking water, this is why.  Their taste buds are specially tuned for water.

Funny thing is if you add sugar to their water, they probably won’t even notice.

11.  Why Cats Purr

If you thought cats only purred when they’re happy or content, you’ve thought wrong.  Unfortunately, cats will also purr when they’ve been hurt, stressed or even dying in some cases.

Some believe cats purr as a means to self-soothe, or to convince others that they’re feeling fine even if they really aren’t.

10.  Smarter than Dogs

Amazingly enough, a cat’s brain is about 90% similar to a human brain!  They might not show a lot of emotion, but they’re quite intelligent as far as mammals go – at least where dogs are concerned.

Cats have a cerebral cortex that is far more complex compared to dogs, and they also possess twice as many neurons.

9.  Different Meows

Speaking of being intelligent, did you know that cats have specific meows for specific situations?  I guess any cat owner has at least figured this one out by now!

8.  Sleepy Heads

We all know that cats have a great love for sleep, but did you know they spend up to an incredible 70% of each and every day asleep?  Wow.  For wild cats, that averages out to about 16 to 20 hours a day.

Cats sleep to conserve energy so that they can exert that energy later for hunting.  I’m not sure what excuse domesticated cats have, but they definitely take advantage of cat naps!

7.  Right or Left Handed?

I bet you didn’t know that cats could be right or left pawed!  Pay attention the next time your cat is playing or picking at something and see if they happen to prefer one paw over the other.

Male cats have a tendency to prefer their left paw while females seem to prefer their right paw.

6.  Longest Cat in the World

The trophy for longest known cat in the world goes to a Maine Coon named Omar, who measures an incredible 42 inches in length!  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that his owner feeds him raw kangaroo for dinner every night?  Hmm…

5.  Mayoral Material

I’m sure a cat might think they’re pretty capable of anything, and at least two cats (with the help of their humans…  a little…) made that obviously known.

Morris the Cat ran for Mayor of Mexico back in 2013, and a cat actually DID become mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 20 years!

4.  Richest Cat in the World

Blackie the cat was the last survivor of 15 cats that the very wealthy Ben Rea owned back in 1988.  When his owner passed away, Blackie was left with an incredible fortune of 12.5 million!

The owner didn’t recognize his family at all, and chose to split his money amongst his pets, three cat charities and a few of the people who helped upkeep his home.

3.  Mighty Leaps!

I’m sure you already knew this, but cats are capable of some pretty amazing leaps!  The average height achieved is about six times their own height in a single jump.

This is thanks to some pretty powerful muscles that are found in their back legs, with their tail providing an excellent balancing rod.

2.  Extremely Fast

Believe it or not, cats can reach a speed of 30 miles per hour when running!  This is why they’re able to make those giant leaps in the first place.  In other words, cats can run faster than Usain Bolt, who is considered the fastest living human.

1.  Whisker Detector Devices

Those whiskers aren’t there just to look pretty!  They’re actually pretty darned handy if you’re a cat who likes to try fitting their way through narrow spaces.  Their whiskers help them accurately determine what they can fit through and what they cannot fit through.