Check Out These Happy Corgi Pups With Contagious Smiles

Corgi puppies are awfully adorable, but a smiling corgi is even better. These happy little pups are today’s daily dose of cute, and are sure to put a smile on your face!


sirithecorgi via Instagram

Siri the corgi is both a goofball and a diva, according to her Instagram account. All I know is that she’s extremely adorable with that little puppy smile.


ruxin_the_corgi via Instagram

I’d be this happy if I was at the beach, too! This corgi is from San Diego, so I’m willing to bet he hits the beach pretty often.


edisonfraps via Instagram

Look at how happy this little guy is.

Neville Longbottom

nevillethecorgi via Instagram

Neville, aka Nubs, is a corgi living the sweet life in SoCal. He’s so happy that he can’t even stay still in his sleep.


waffle_the_corgi via Instagram

What a sweet, tiny little face. Have you seen anything so cute?!