smoothiethecat | YouTube

If you want to see something adorable, check out these two gorgeous cats discovering catnip.

The cats in the video are Smoothie and Milkshake, both British Longhair cats that are from the Netherlands. Their owner gave them a heaping pile of catnip, and while Milkshake couldn’t care less about it, Smoothie is definitely feeling it.

Catnip Party With Smoothie and Milkshake

Catnip and Cats

Catnip doesn’t affect all cats the same way. In fact, it doesn’t affect all cats! It is estimated that only about 50-70% of cats respond to the herb. Of those, some cats will go crazy and extra playful, while other cats just roll around on the floor in a state of euphoria.

The effects will last for about 10 minutes, but after that, the cat will lose interest. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours for your cat to “reset” and become susceptible to catnip again.

If you’re lucky enough to have a feline friend that enjoys catnip, there are plenty of ways to give it to them. Rub it on their scratching post, put it inside of toys, or just give them a pile of it to roll around in!