Cat Finds Her Way Home After Going Missing 8 Years Ago

Kristen Williams via WNEP

After going missing eight years ago, one cat has returned back home in a rare series of events.

Owner Devastated When Beloved Cat Went Missing 8 Years Ago

Kristen Williams was devastated when her beloved tortoiseshell cat, Snickerdoodle, went missing. She had rescued the cat in 2009.

Snickerdoodle left her home in Watsontown, PA eight years ago and never returned.

Although Kristen said she never stopped looking for her feline friend, it had been several years since — which is why a post about a cat up for adoption took her by such surprise. She was scrolling through Facebook when a picture caught her attention.

Kristen came across a post online about Maria, a tortoiseshell cat up for adoption at the Scratching Post Cat Cafe. The cat cafe is in Lewisburg, PA, a short 15-minute drive from Watsontown.

There are plenty of tortoiseshell cats out there, but Maria looked eerily like Snickerdoodle.

“I commented wanting to know her story,” Kristen explained. “I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I knew she looked similar to the cat I had.”

The cat appeared to share some of Snickerdoodle’s defining characteristics.

“She sent us some photos, and we compared that to photos we had of Maria. Kristen came in to look at her, and there was no denying that this is her cat,” said Arion Moser, a volunteer at Scratching Post Cat Cafe.

They compared tons of photos, and every marking was the same.

On top of that, the cat cafe noted that Maria had an obsession with water. Judging by how much the majority of cats don’t like water, it’s not exactly a common trait. But as it turns out, Kristen’s Snickerdoodle was also obsessed with water.

“I could not get her to stop flipping over her water dish,” said Kristen, about her kitty from their time together eight years ago.

Kristen and Her Cat Were Finally Reunited

It was clear that Maria was actually Snickerdoodle.

Kristen once again adopted Maria, aka Snickerdoodle, and brought her back home. She calls her Maria these days, and she says that the cat has already taken over the kitchen sink.

She wasn’t even looking to adopt another cat. She just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be reunited with her long lost feline friend.

The Scratching Post Cat Cafe has adopted out close to 350 kitties over the years. But as it turns out, this is the most unique situation they’ve seen.

“It’s the only story we have like this out of all the adoptions we’ve done,” said Moser.

“I’m still in shock!” said Kristen.

And who can blame her? This is definitely a rare situation that doesn’t happen every day. But congrats to Kristen for finding her friend, and congrats to Snickerdoodle — er, Maria — for finding her way back home.