Boy Doesn’t Want to Stop Hugging His Kitten


There is something so adorable about the way a child loves their pet. Both animals and kids give unconditional love, so when you put the two together, it’s just one big love-fest!

This little boy has gotten himself a cute black kitten, and it looks like he already knows that this cat is going to be his best friend. He just wants to hug that cat and not put him down.

This Little Boy Loves His Kitten So Much!

Cats Bond With Their Owners

A recent study was done on cats and how they bond with their owners, and the results are smashing the stereotype that cats don’t connect with us in the same way as our dogs.

In fact, the study indicates that cats form the same kind of attachment to their human caregivers as dogs and even infants do. So our cats really do love us and look to us for comfort; they just might show it a little differently than dogs do.