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Have you had your daily dose of cute today? Because if not, I have exactly what you need.

This adorable kitty is ready to sing along! She really just wants to express how happy she is by “saying meow.” How smart is this?

If You’re Happy and You Know it

Your Cat Meows Just For You

Did you know that house cats have specific vocalizations for their owners?

Our feline housemates use vocalizations to get food, ask for help, or to obtain affection. Essentially, they keep making different sounds until they find the ones that us humans respond to.

This means that feral cats don’t make the same meows that our house cats do because they don’t rely on humans.

If your kitty isn’t getting the positive reactions that they’re aiming for with those cute little meows, watch out! They are smart enough to start making some more annoying sounds to get your attention.