Beagle Discovers the Joy of Ice Cream on a Hot Day


Every good boy deserves a treat every now and again. This adorable dog is given one of the best treats on a hot, summer day: an ice cream cone. I don’t know if this dog has ever had ice cream before, but he sure does enjoy it!

He’s eating it so fast that I’m willing to bet that this good boy has either not had ice cream before, or only gets it rarely.

This Pup Discovers How Delicious an Ice Cream Cone Can Be

Dogs and Ice Cream

The general consensus is that we shouldn’t give dogs ice cream. Dogs could potentially have issues from being lactose intolerant, and a large amount of sugar can lead to weight gain. There’s also added risks of some ice creams labeled as sugar-free containing xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.

Really, though, ice cream isn’t a major danger to dogs when given in small amounts as a treat. If you’re hoping for a frozen treat that’s more dog-friendly, frozen yogurt could be a better choice. Yogurt contains less lactose than traditional ice cream, which could be easier for your pup to digest.