Banish Boredom With These Interactive Puzzle Toys for Cats

Petstages via Amazon

I know plenty of dog owners who sing praises about puzzle toys that they’ve bought for their pups.

These engaging and interactive toys are a great way to keep your dog busy for a long time, and provide enrichment and mental stimulation.

But… what about all of our feline friends? Don’t they deserve super cool puzzle toys, too?

As it turns out, someone else thought so.

Outward Hound’s Nina Ottosson line of interactive puzzle toys has branched out into the cat market. They’ve released a new line of interactive toys made just for cats, under their Petstages brand of toys.

The new interactive cat puzzle toys work on the same basic principle as the dog versions. Of course, they are tailored to feline abilities and interests — their desire to hunt and capture food.

How Do They Work?

Each puzzle is crisscrossed with trenches that each contain a knob. The knobs slide smoothly back and forth within the track, and over a compartment at one end.

A tear-drop shaped cap covers the deep compartment — which is where you store the coveted treats! Once your kitty slides the knob over to push the cap off the compartment and then moves the knob, your cat can chow down on the food inside. Or, for increased difficulty, you can place treats into the hole of the knob.

So far, there are three different interactive cat puzzle toys available.

Melon Madness Puzzle

cat playing with melon madness interactive puzzle toy
Petstages via Amazon

Talk about adorable summer vibes. This puzzle is decorated to look like a slice of watermelon, and the compartment caps are black watermelon seeds.

This one is rated with a difficulty level two. It’s got six short tracks with six compartments, and can hold up to a 1/4 cup of food.

Buggin’ Out Puzzle

cat playing with buggin out interactive puzzle toy
Petstages via Amazon

Your cat will “bug out” over this nature-themed puzzle, decorated to look leaves and ladybugs.

This one is also rated with a difficulty level two. It’s got seven tracks, and features eight compartments that hold up to a 1/4 cup of food.

Rainy Day Puzzle

cat playing with rainy day interactive puzzle toy
Petstages via Amazon

Rainy days don’t have to be blah. This puzzle is shaped like a cloud, and the caps are all shaped like slightly translucent rain drops.

If you’re looking for an interactive toy that’s a little larger, this one is for you. Plus, it’s a little more difficult, rated with a difficulty level three.

The five tracks are curved, and it also has a large spinning dial that reveals additional compartments for holding food when turned. All in all, this one has fourteen compartments that hold up to 1/4 cup of food.