Adorably Pudgy Pug Loves to Get Vacuumed


Well, this is one way to fight the shedding!

Bamei the adorably pudgy Pug apparently really loves the vacuum. While most pets run away in fear as soon as we turn on the vacuum, this little lady comes waddling over for some unorthodox pampering.

Watch as she tips over and waits for the vacuum to do its job.

Watch This Pudgy Pug Pup Get Vacuumed

Why Dogs Are Afraid of Vacuums

I think most people are aware that dogs and other pets are mostly afraid of vacuums because of the noise they create.  It’s important to remember that they have much better hearing than we do, so if the vacuums seem loud to us, think about how loud it must be to them.

Not only are vacuums loud, but they also produce higher-frequency sounds that we can’t necessarily hear, but will cause your dog distress. Dogs are also lower to the ground and closer to the source.