Adorable Puppy Thinks Laptop is a Good Spot to Sit


This little pug puppy is named Hugo the Pugo, and I think he knows how cute he is. Just look at that little face! Hugo is giving his best puppy dog eyes as his plops right down on his owner’s laptop keyboard. He even strikes a pose, as if to show off just how cute he is.

I’m willing to bet that little Hugo is trying to get a little extra attention by taking up space on the keyboard and trying to look as adorable as possible.

This Little Puppy Thinks the Keyboard is a Good Spot For Him

Did You Know?

Our dogs and cats like to sit on spots like keyboards because they are near their favorite person (their owners!), and it puts them at the center of their attention. They quickly learn that sitting on a keyboard or laptop gets them what they’re hoping for: lots of attention!